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Finish Well - Chapel

Chapel – Finish Well

1 – What does it take to finish well?
• To finish well in today’s game…
• To complete this season as champions?
• To finish strongly so as to game a favorable situation in the playoffs?
• To finish well will require a particular attitude.

2 - This attitude is seen in the words of the Apostle Paul in Acts 20:24.
(Read the text aloud emphasizing the first half.)
• Background – Paul is leaving Ephesus (Turkey) and boarding a boat for Jerusalem.
• He knows trouble and pain await him.
• He goes anyway.

3 – Attitude number 1 is selflessness.
• My life is of no account.
• My life is not dear to me.
• My life is focused on one purpose.

4 – Attitude number 2 is absolute resolve.
• To finish my course.
• To fulfill my destiny.

5 – Our team can finish well if we will maintain and even grow stronger in these two attitudes.
• Play selflessly today. Think more of your team and your teammates than yourself.
• Strengthen your resolve today. Accept nothing less than the goals we agreed up on in pre-season.

6 – We have a job to finish. Let’s finish it with selflessness and absolute resolve.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe

Bible Reference: 
Acts 20