Rock, Paper, Scissor Splits

Can be used in a large or small group.

Have everyone in your group pair off into twos.

Make sure pairs are evenly spread out around the room.

To start, each person needs to face their partner and place their left foot behind their right foot, 3-5 inches apart.

Then at the same time all groups play rock-paper-scissors. The winner of each pair has to say one fact about him/herself. The loser of the pair takes one step back with his/her left foot. Their right foot does NOT move.

During the next round the winner still says a fact about him/herself. If the winner lost the previous round, he/she has a chance to move his/her left foot forward a step. The loser still moves one step back with his/her left foot.

The game continues like this until one person can no longer move their left foot back anymore or they split their pants. :-)

The game can get very comical especially if you have students who cannot do the splits very well. It is a rowdy game full of lots of laughs.

Physical Activity Level Low
Group Size Both