Bible Study

Fight the Good Fight

Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 3

I Timothy 1:15-20

Read the text aloud.

Discussion Questions:

  • When did you fully accept the statement in verse 15?  Ask them when they received Christ Jesus as Savior.  Why would Paul consider himself the worst of sinners?  He’s very aware of his sins and former life of rebellion.
  • In what way has Christ displayed His mercy and patience with you in coaching? (vv.15-16) By not removing them from coaching, by preserving them through hard times, losing streaks, etc… How has that been an example to others?  Did others in the program see those times as mercy and patience from God?
  • Whom does Paul consider to be worthy of honor and glory for his present status? (v.17) The King eternal (God).  How does he describe Him?  King, eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God…
  • How is coaching like a good fight?  (v.18)  Real opponents, real pain, struggle, blood, sweat, tears…  What’s good about it?  It teaches us about ourselves, we build real relationships with friends, coaches, and teammates…
  • How do faith and good conscience affect how one coaches? (v.19) They can keep us from errors, make us more concerned for God’s will and other’s best interests, less self-serving.
  • Whom have you seen shipwreck their coaching careers like the two guys mentioned in verse 20?  Solicit stories of coaches who have crashed their careers by foolish and out of control lives.  How do we avoid such trouble? (vv.18-19)  Through fellowship, maintaining our faith and a good conscience…

Weekly Summary:

  • Remember that Christ Jesus died for the worst of sinners, even us.
  • Honor God for how He brought you to this position.
  • Fight the good fight, not just any fight.
  • Watch out for coaches who are about to shipwreck their careers.  Stay off that ship!


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Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 1