Bible Study

An Email from the Coach

Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 7

I Timothy 3:14-16

Read the text aloud.

Discussion Questions:

  • How valuable is it for you to regularly communicate with your mentor in coaching? (v. 14) What’s the value of a phone call or e-mail from your mentor? How do you do that and with whom? Phone calls with college coach…E-mail from coach you formerly worked under…Christmas cards from your high school coach…
  • What seems to be the purpose of Paul’s writing these instructions? (v.15) So Timothy will know how to conduct himself.
  • In review of chapters 1-3, which ideas are most poignant to you related to proper conduct within your staff? Focus on your goals? God’s mercy to qualify you to serve? Fighting the good fight? Having purpose for your position? Proper staff attitudes? Choosing a staff with character? Others...?
  • What is mysterious about the poetry of verse 16? Contrasts in each pair of verses… Revealed in flesh, but vindicated by Spirit… Beheld by angels, but proclaimed among nations…
  • Why is it such a mystery for us to grasp that the God described in chapter 1 verse 17, would undergo a process like chapter 3 verse 16? Why would a God so powerful, immortal, and invisible come to the earth and pay the price of death for us?

Weekly Summary:

  • Make some time to call or write your mentor this week. I’m sure he/she would love to hear from you.
  • Leave room for some mystery in your faith and in the game.
  • Realize the wonder that’s a part of the Gospel. God chose us to love Him.


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Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 3