Bible Study

Focus on Your God

Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 1

I Timothy 1:1-7

Read the text aloud.
Discussion Questions:

  • To whom does Paul (the mentor) write and how does he describe their relationship?  (vv.1-2)  Timothy, my true child in the faith…
  • With whom have you had or do you have a similar relationship in coaching?  (v.2) Who is it?  Solicit stories of their mentors in coaching.
  • What ideas or concepts in coaching just bring on controversy rather than further our goals?  (vv.3-6) Controversial techniques for training, motivation, etc…
  • Who have you seen in coaching that acts like these men mentioned in verse 7?  Arrogant young coaches without experience, others…
  • How do coaches pursue the goal mentioned in verse 5?  Related to players?  Seeking their good, not just mine… Related to their coaching staff?  Dealing honestly and honorably…Related to their families?  Balancing the job with family time… When do we stray from that goal?  When we lose focus on important matters and life priorities.

Weekly Summary:

  • Thank God for your mentor in the game and in the faith.
  • Focus on the things that really matter.
  • Pursue the goal of love from a pure heart and a good conscience.


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Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 1