Bible Study

Coach with Power, Love and Self Control

Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 16

II Timothy 1:1-7

Discussion Questions:

  • How would your coaching be changed if you were to receive more grace, mercy and peace from God?  (v.2) I’d feel less stressed, less pressured.  I’d have better relationships with my staff…
  • Tell us about a coach or a player for whom you’ve been a mentor.  Who is watching you for direction and guidance?  What is your strongest recollection of him/her?  Tell a story about his/her strongest character traits.  How do you pray for him/her now?  (vv.3-5) Do you pray for his/her coaching, family, faith, and career choices…?
  • What gifts do you bring to the coaching profession that you can fan into flame?  (v.6) Is it passion, vision, understanding of the sport, motivational abilities…?
  • What happens to our team when our coaching is driven by fear?  (v.7) We become driven by a need to control everything, we withdraw from people, and we become defensive and protective of ourselves…
  • How is it different when it’s full of power, love and self-control?  (v.7) We’re confident of our abilities and of God’s guidance.  We’re looking out for the other’s best interest.  We’re under control, not being pushed around by every fear or question.

Weekly Summary:

  • Ask God for more grace, mercy and peace in your life.
  • Pass on to another young coach the wisdom God has given to you.
  • Put away fear and coach with power, love and self-control.


  • Read the bible verse aloud at the beginning.
  • The questions for discussion will appear in normal text like this.
  • Suggested answers, discussion hints and follow up questions will appear in italics like this.
Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 1