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1 – Today’s characteristic of Successful People and Successful Teams is Solid Leadership.

• Think about the best leaders across your lifetime, in your family, in your home town, from your youth.
• Think about the leaders among your team.
• When are they at their best?
• How do they change situations by simply being present?
• How do their words breathe courage into the souls of their teammates and strike fear in the hearts of their opponents?
• This is the stuff of Solid Leadership.

2 – Jesus Christ was that kind of leader. We can see Jesus’ solid leadership at John 18:1-11 (read the text).
• He moved directly to the conflict. He asked, “Whom do you seek.” He wasn’t hiding and knew Judas would come here to betray Him.
• He spoke with authority. When He said, “I am He,” the people fell backward. His words had power.
• He protected His teammates. He said, “Let these go.” Peter had also cut of one man’s ear (certainly aiming for his head).

3 – Today, we will need Solid Leadership to be successful. We need leaders who will:
• Move directly to the conflict. Meet your opponent head on. Line up, make plays, straight ahead.
• Speak with authority. In the locker room to inspire. On the field of competition to challenge. On the sideline to instruct and to adjust. To your opponent to push them back.
• Protect their teammates. From fear of failure. From foolish errors. From playing out of control. From being overrun by momentum shifts.

4 – If you will exercise Solid Leadership today, we will enjoy great success.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe

Bible Reference: 
John 18