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Power, Love, and Self-Control - Chapel

 Chapel – Power, Love and Self-control

1 – To compete strongly today and throughout the season, three qualities will be required – Power, Love and Self-control.
• These are powerfully described in II Timothy 1:7 (read the text aloud).

2 – Not a spirit of fear
• We are not driven by fear.
• Fear of failure
• Fear of embarrassment
• Fear of success (with increased expectations and pressure)
• Fear of people (family, media, classmates… What will they say?)

3 – Power – the ability to do the right thing
• Capacity for good
• The capacity to make great plays
• The capacity to make good decisions
• That is power

4 – Love – seeking the team’s best, even at your personal cost
• Commitment (do your job)
• Sacrifice (give yourself up)
• Encouragement (wise speech)
• Loyalty (to struggling teammates)
• That is love

5 – Self-control
• You control your emotions, not fear or anger
• You control your mind, not your opponent or the crowd
• You control your body, not outside factors

6 – For today’s contest and the remainder of the season, we’ll be successful if our team is characterized by power, love and self-control.


Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 1