Bible Study

Playoffs - Chapel

1 – On this day we begin this team’s third season.

  • Non-conference season
  • Conference season
  • Playoffs

2 – Suddenly at game time today, the rest of the season doesn’t count.

  • All the teams in the playoffs stand the same.
  • The last team in has the same opportunity as the first seed.
  • Everyone is at 0 and 0.
  • All ___ teams are focused on a __ game run to the championship.

3 – I see a similar idea at Philippians 3:12b-14.

  • I press toward God’s call on my life.  I’m not finished yet.
  • One thing I do:
    • Forgetting the past (both the good and the bad).
    • Reaching forward (always forward).
    • Press toward the goal of becoming the man God made me to be (destiny, calling).

4 – For our team it’s much the same.

  • Press toward our goals.  We’re not finished yet.
  • One thing we do:
    • Forget the past (successes and failures).
    • Reach forward (play by play) always forward.
    • Press toward our team’s destiny.  Become all we can be.
    • Put it all together today.
    • Play our best game to date.


This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe

Bible Reference: 
Philippians 3