Open Your Heart


“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” – John 10:10


Through long nights of film, early morning weightlifting and building camaraderie as a team, life has meant dedication to honing our skills and setting our sights on scholarship, the next level, and personal bests. As competitors, we’re wired for life on the field. But where is our eternal focus? How can we give our all while in pursuit of an abundant life God says we can have?

To pursue a life in full, our hearts must open in these three areas:

To God

God wants to be in a place of such connection with you that you want to share with Him the deep things that are going on. He’s all about relationship, and if we can’t get past this first step of opening up to God, there won’t be much that’s genuine in our faith. If we’re afraid of failing as a coach, or busy comparing our skills to a teammate’s, we’ll never get to the point of letting God speak His truth into our hearts of who He has created us to be.

To Yourself

We also need to be honest with ourselves if we’re going to experience any real, lasting internal change. Before we can begin a transformation, there has to be a starting point. That begins with baring our hearts and admitting that maybe we can’t quite do everything on our own, or that there is a temptation we struggle with that seems to drift us off course.

To Hope

As we open up to God and ourselves, we not only draw out the places inside that aren’t pretty, but also the pieces that give us joy and excitement. We were made to have hope in Him who is Hope itself, fueled by the Holy Spirit to believe God’s good to us in deep ways. What do you desire? Is it to make a team, or make an eternal impact on your team? Do you want to reach 300 wins, or win 300 lives for the Kingdom over the course of your career?

There is deep purpose and meaning for us, and God wants us to live in His freedom and confidence. The more we make our hearts malleable to God, the more He infuses us with the heart of Jesus to bring us to the fullness of life we long for.

  • What keeps you from being honest with God?
  • In which area would you like to open up more—to God, yourself or hope?
  • How can God meet you in that area today?

Psalm 139:23-24; Romans 15:13; Revelation 3:20


“Lord, thank You that You have made a way to be with You through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Thank You that You know how You have created me, and how hard it sometimes is to open up to the deep things in my heart. Help me to seek after You, to know that You are a safe place for me to come. Meet me with Your truth. Amen.”

Bible Reference: 
John 10:10
Psalms 139:23-24
Romans 15:13
Revelation 3:20