The Referee


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” – Matthew 5:9


Referees deserve a lot more respect than what they are given. It’s a job constantly under scrutiny and can even require a security escort after a game.

Whatever your experience with referees, their main objective is to keep the peace. They are there to ensure that the game is played as fairly and peacefully as possible. The job of a peacekeeper is often not a glamorous one.

In this world, we are called to roles that are not rewarded here on earth. Being a peacemaker can be a role that lends us unfavorably. The favor we seek is not from this world but from our God.

In Matthew 5:9, Jesus reminds us that though there may not be an earthly reward for being a peacemaker, there is most certainly a heavenly one. That reward is to be called a child of God. To be part of God’s family, protected and loved by the Creator of the universe.

When we break it down, the reward for being a peacemaker far outweighs any hardship we might experience here on earth. You must decide if you seek the favor of man or God.

  • Does peace come quickly to you?
  • Do you think peace means weakness?
  • How can engaging in conflict make you a peacemaker?

“God Almighty, the Creator of Peace. You desire for us to be Your sons and daughters. Help us not to seek the favor of this world but choose to bring about Your peace in our communities. Give us the courage to seek You above all, Amen.”