No Off Season

Leader: All right! Everyone…everyone attention. Listen up! HEY YOU GUYS! (all are quiet) It is time for the annual FCA Talent Show. Now I expect that everyone has practiced and I must say that dress rehearsal was just nifty. But now it's time for the real thing. So…PLACES EVERYONE! And remember there's…

Everyone: NO OFF SEASON!!

Leader: Great! Move along. Now presenting all the way from Lord only knows where, a display of some of the most interesting talent this side of Paducha. Here they are, this year's FCA Huddle Leaders in their interpretation of NO OFF SEASON!

(Each group of Huddle Leaders do a short interpretation of NO OFF SEASON. It should be no longer than a minute. Come up with your own ideas or in desperation look below.)

Cheerleaders: a NO OFF SEASON cheer!

Football: a NO OFF SEASON play, dance routine, Forest Gump interview

Field Hockey: Stick routine

Basketball: Jordan commercial, Ruthie Bolton song commercial

Swimmers: Synchronized swimming using floaties and NO OFF SEASON signs

Lacrosse: Hit somebody and yell NO OFF SEASON!

Soccer: High kicks; scenes from ER

Karate: Walker Texas Ranger; Jackie Chan; Bruce Lee; Karate Kid

Golf: Slicing into a caddie—Caddie says, "NO OFF SEASON!"

Power Lifting: Hans and Frans—"Pump you Up! NO OFF SEASON!"

Cycling: See the Dew, Be the Dew

Roller Hockey: Skating Routine

Cross Country: Chariots of Fire

Softball: Delicious Dish from SAT Night Live

Tennis: Air guitar routine to NO OFF SEASON song

Volleyball: Reebok "Save the Volleyball Committee"

Wrestling: Wrestle a chair, or lawn furniture

Leader: So remember…The clock is always running. There are NO time outs. No two minute warnings. Be prepared in season and out of season! And hopefully by the end of the week you will know that there's NO OFF SEASON! Let's hear it one more time for the FCA Huddle

Leaders. Yea! Yea! 

To create excitement for the week. Introduce Huddle Leaders and the NO OFF
SEASON theme. This should be fun and light. Campers should walk away excited about the
week, ready to get acquainted with Huddle Leaders and remembering the theme of the week---


Number of People 6