• Have each player number off. An option is to have more than one person per number.
  • After everyone has a number, have each player group together in a bunch.
  • One person starts with a ball in the center of the group
  • The person with the ball throws the ball up while yelling a number.
  • Everyone runs in all different directions away from the bunch except for the person(s) whose number is called.
  • The person(s) whose number is called catches the ball and yells "Spud!" As soon as this is yelled, everyone has to freeze.
  • The person with the ball is allowed to take 3 giant steps toward any player.
  • The person with the ball then throws the ball and tries to hit someone.
  • Players are allowed to dodge the ball by moving all parts of their body except their feet.
  • If a player is hit, they then earn the letter "S"
  • With each hit, the player then earns the next letter and the next until they spell the word "SPUD"
  • Once a player spells "SPUD" they are out of the game
  • The person who is hit becomes the new thrower.
  • If the thrower doesn't hit anyone, then they earn a letter
Length 15 minutes
Physical Activity Level High
Group Size Both