Bible Study

Mutual Respect

Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 10

I Timothy 5:1-16

Read the text aloud.

Discussion Questions:

  • When have you seen a senior staff member harshly corrected or otherwise treated with less respect than is due him/her?  (v.1)  Who has seen a young coach rudely correct a senior staff member?  Tell us the story.  Why would Paul warn against this?  It tears down team unity, breeds disrespect and gossip, etc…
  • What is a more honorable way to treat those on your staff who have greater experience?  (v.1)  Appeal to him as a father, with respect and honor.
  • How should we relate to the younger coaches on our staff?  (v.1)  Like brothers.  Share an example of how that has been done with or by you.  How has another coach shown you proper respect and welcomed your input or opinion?
  • What attitudes should guide our relationships with women associated with our program?  (v.2)  Treat the older women as mothers.  The younger like sisters.  How do these apply with women otherwise?  In our families, churches, the community, etc…?
  • What qualities describe the way we relate to our mothers?  (v.2)  Respect and honor...   How about our sisters?   Respect and purity…
  • If a suddenly displaced athlete or coach were like a widow, what kinds of things can happen that would isolate them from the normal life of the team? (vv.9-16) Injury, suspension, disciplinary benching, illness…  Are there circumstances that require handling each situation differently?  How so?  You wouldn’t handle the 5th year senior leader who becomes injured in the same way as a freshman who repeatedly breaks team rules.

Weekly Summary:

  • Beware of disrespecting an older coach on your staff. 
  • Give proper respect to the young coaches on your staff as well.
  • Lead your staff to conduct themselves wisely with the women around your program.
  • Use wisdom in dealing with those who are suddenly displaced or isolated from the program.


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Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 5