Bible Study

Staff Attitudes

Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 5

I Timothy 2:8-15

Read the text aloud.

Discussion Questions:

  • What attitudes are evident in Paul’s request at verse 8?  Prayerful attitude, without wrath, without dissension.  How do we maintain them in a coaching staff?  Stay focused on our need for God, solve disputes quickly, and build team unity…
  • From what we read in verses 9-15, what is the value of modesty and wise behavior for women associated with your program?  They will not be deceived nor a distraction for others in the program.  They will be examples of faith, love, sanctity and self-restraint.
  • What sorts of behavior and attitudes in those women could be detrimental to the program and staff relationships?  Overbearing, demanding and controlling personalities, promiscuity, being flirtatious, distracting behavior of any sort.
  • Which women in your program display the attitudes and behavior that are worthy of encouragement and recognition?  Give me a name and the characteristics that are worthy of encouragement…  How can you and your staff honor them?  Notes of thanks, encouraging letters, flowers, plaques or other decorative items, public recognition…

Weekly Summary:

  • Foster proper attitudes in your staff.
  • Encourage proper attitudes and behavior among women associated with your program. 
  • Watch for ways to honor those who model the attitudes and lives you want to encourage.


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Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 2