Bible Study

Make Wise Choices

Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 12

I Timothy 5:22-25

Discussion Questions:

  • What are some dangers that go along with hastily choosing staff members?  (v.22)  You could share in their foolish decisions and behavior.
  • What might a Head Coach do that would have him share in the guilt of a staff member’s foolish actions?  (v.22)  He could ignore an obvious flaw of character or a pattern of behavior that’s easily seen before his hiring.
  • How does a coach maintain his purity when others on the staff may be very impure?  Abstain from participation in the impure behaviors or attitudes…
  • What is required for your well being that others may see as a weakness or otherwise criticize your use of it?  (v.23)  A minimum amount of sleep, prescriptions, a special diet…
  • What coach(es) do you know whose errors were quickly met with exposure and judgement?  (v.24)  A coach who got caught cheating, recruiting violations, drug abuse…
  • What coach(es) do you know whose errors stayed hidden from public view until his/her retirement or death?  A coach in an extra-marital affair, addicted to pornography, a secret drunk, abusive of his children…
  • How do a coach’s obvious good deeds come to light?  (v.25) Their players or coaching staff tell others about them.  Parents or others notice their quality.  How about the less obvious good deeds?  As they retire, the player tells about a private meeting with the coach.  At a funeral, the staff member tells about his mentor’s influence upon his life…

Weekly Summary:

  • Choose your staff wisely and deliberately.
  • Maintain your personal purity, even when others in the program may be acting foolishly.
  • Remember that both our best and worst moments will come to light eventually.


  • Read the bible verse a loud at the beginning.
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  • Suggested answers, discussion hints and follow up questions will appear in italics like this.
Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 5