Bible Study

How Much Money is Enough?

Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 13

I Timothy 6:1-10

Discussion Questions:

  • What sort of attitude should the most junior staff member have toward the Head Coach?  (v.1)  The Coach is worthy of all honor.
  • What difference should it make to those staff members whether or not the Head Coach is a believer in Christ or not?  (v.2)  It should make no difference at all.  Why?  Some Christians could presume preferential treatment from a Christian Head Coach and that would be improper.
  • What sorts of attitudes often underlie the aberrant training and motivational methods used by some coaches?  (vv.3-5)  Conceit, ignorance, morbid interests, envy, strife, abusive speech, evil suspicions, depraved minds, greed…
  • How do we gain greatly through godliness with contentment?  (vv.7-8)  A grateful attitude and proper perspective…
  • What are some inherent dangers for the coach who is motivated by greed?  (vv.9-10)  They fall into temptation and traps, ruin and destruction, all sorts of evil…

Weekly Summary:

  • Watch for improper attitudes within your staff.  They may assume you’ll give them preferential treatment if they’re Christians.
  • Discern the attitudes that may be behind that odd training technique or motivational method.
  • Watch out for greed… live a life of contentment.


  • Read the bible verse aloud at the beginning.
  • The questions for discussion will appear in normal text like this.
  • Suggested answers, discussion hints and follow up questions will appear in italics like this.
Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 6