Bible Study

Choosing a Staff with Character

Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 6

I Timothy 3:1-13

Read the text aloud.

Discussion Questions:

  • What would be noble about being an overseer?  The position has responsibility and authority…What would be a coaching equivalent to that role?  Head Coach.
  • What attitudes, abilities and behavior are listed as important for that role?  (vv.2-7) Answers are in the text…Why are these important?  (v.5)  If he can’t handle his own family, how could he manage others’ kids?
  • If a deacon were different than an overseer, what coaching role would be similar to it?  (vv.8-13)  Assistant coach, coordinator, etc…
  • Who on your staff coaches in a way that’s reflective of these qualities?  (vv.8-12)  Tell us about a coach that has these qualities.  Which of these traits stands out in him/her?  Pick one or two of his/her best qualities.
  • How do coaches who serve well gain assurance and an excellent standing?  Others notice their good work and character often resulting in better opportunities, promotions, confidence and security.

Weekly Summary:

  • Focus on the character of your staff and on your own character.
  • Encourage and reward your staff members who exhibit good character.
  • Expect that your staff’s good character will result in their receiving job offers and opportunities to go elsewhere.  They become a reflection of your leadership.


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Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 3