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Unified - Chapel

1 – Introduction – If we will compete in a unified way today, we will do very well.

2 – Take encouragement from this story in Genesis chapter 11.  Read the text – Genesis 11:1-8. 

  • There are two main points to take from this text: They were one people and everyone spoke the same language.
  • God Himself observes, “Now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.”
    • God believes in the unlimited potential of unified people who communicate effectively.  (Repeat)
    • This is what God saw in these people and I see that in this team.  Nothing you purpose to do will be impossible for you.

3 – In today’s game-

  • Be unified!  When adversity arrives:
    • Don’t criticize teammates, rather challenge them.
    • Don’t avoid failing teammates, embrace them.
    • Don’t withdraw from others, encourage others.
  • Communicate effectively!  All day.
    • In meetings
    • In the locker room
    • During pre-game on the field
    • In the huddle
    • During each moment of the game
    • On the sidelines
    • At half-time
    • As we finish strongly
  • Play today as a unified team, communicate wisely and effectively and we’ll witness first-hand the unlimited potential of our team.

4 - Prayer

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe

Bible Reference: 
Genesis 11