God’s Playbook

Make my steps steady through Your promise; don’t let sin dominate me. –Psalm 119:133
Most sports have a playbook or a set of rules to follow for their program. This book tells how things will be done on and off the field for success in the system. A player, if he or she follows these guidelines, should have success in the system. I recently heard one coach refer to his playbook as his “bible.” Obviously, he highly values the book.
As we read through Psalm 119, we find many verses that reference God’s Word. The author of the Psalms repeated over and over that God’s Word guided him. He understood that God’s Word was the only playbook he could follow that could give him true, absolute direction for his life. When I coached basketball, my playbook was very important to me. However, it did not take precedent over the real playbook of my life. Only God’s Word can give ultimate direction. My playbook could say what play to run in what situation, but only during the games. God’s Word gives us direction every day, for every situation, in everything that comes our way.
1. Where do you go for direction?
2. Does God’s Word guide in your sport? Do you read it to obtain direction on how to treat your teammates, your opponents, how to play and compete? 3. Today, how can you start to make the Bible your ultimate playbook on and off the field?

Extra Reading: Psalm 119:11,73,105

Lord, thank You for providing a playbook for my life. Speak to me through Your Holy Spirit as I read Your Word. Plant it in my heart. Amen.
Bible Reference: 
Psalms 119