Who (What) Am I?

Materials needed: sheets of paper, marking pens, tape.

A sheet of paper with the name of a person, place, or thing written on it (ie: 'Thomas Edison' or 'Giraffe') is attached to the back of each participant.

As each name is different from another, the individual participant does NOT know what person, place, or thing is attached to his or her own back; and, therefore, the participant must mill about the room asking only yes/no questions of the other participants to try to learn who is taped to his/her back.

The other participants can only answer 'yes' or 'no'  to the individual's questions.

Example questions the individual participant might ask are: 'am I a basketball player?' ... 'do I live in America?'... 'am I a place?'.

When a participant is able to accurately guess who he/she is, the participant can take the sheet of paper off his/her back; and, can continue to mill around the room answering other participants yes/no questions until everyone has discovered who they are. 

A time limit can also be set if the game is taking longer than it should.

Physical Activity Level Low
Group Size Both