Bible Study

Coaching with Honor

Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 21

II Timothy 2:20-26

Discussion Questions:

  • Which uniforms in your equipment room are more honorable, those used daily for practice or those only for game day?  (vv.20-21) Obviously the game jerseys are more honorable, they’re only used on game day.  Practice jerseys get used everyday.
  • How do we pursue the nobility mentioned in verse 21?  By cleansing ourselves from the things listed above.  For what purposes does such nobility qualify us?  (v.21) For every good thing.
  • What evil desires are common to coaches you know?  (v.22) Drunkenness, promiscuous sex, greed…  What does Paul call us to do in relation to them?  (v.22) Flee from those things!!
  • While fleeing those desires, toward what should we run in pursuit?  (vv.22-23) Righteousness, faith, love and peace…
  • Who is the best coach you’ve ever known at handling quarrels and opposition?  (vv.24-26) Tell us about a coach…  What was key to his skill with problematic people and situations?  A cool head?  Listening to all sides before he reacted?  What was it?

Weekly Summary:

  • Let’s be the vessels of great honor this week.
  • Watch for God to reveal His purposes for you and your life as a coach.
  • Flee the things that wage war against your soul.
  • Pursue the things that give you real life.


  • Read the bible verse aloud at the beginning.
  • The questions for discussion will appear in normal text like this.
  • Suggested answers, discussion hints and follow up questions will appear in italics like this.
Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 2