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Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 23

II Timothy 3:10-17

Discussion Questions:

  • How often do you share stories of your coaching career with your peers?  Daily around the office or in staff meetings?  How has your mentor challenged you with his/her stories and instruction?  (vv.10-11) Good decisions made, wisdom displayed in tough situations, insight and tact, others…
  • What might it cost you to live a godly lifestyle among your coaching peers?  (vv.12-13) Possible isolation from others, missed opportunities… Is this likely to get better or worse?  If people continue to decline morally, it will get worse.  Why?  The world is in a steady decline.
  • What are key coaching principles that you teach as a continuation of your mentor’s instructions?  (vv.14-15) How is your coaching style an imitation of your mentor’s?
  • What or who is the source of Scripture?  (v.16) God is the source of the Bible.
  • For what is the Scripture useful in coaching?  (v.16) Teaching, reproof, correction, training in righteousness…
  • What is the intended result of scriptural instruction?  (v.17) That we may be adequate and equipped for every good work.  How has the Bible equipped you and for what good work?  Changed character for the good work of coaching/leading.

Weekly Summary:

  • Pay attention to the stories shared among your staff.  The stories are often a window to their values.
  • Pay the price to live a godly lifestyle among your peers.  It’s worth it.
  • Search the Scriptures for the wisdom you need as a coach.


  • Read the bible verse aloud at the beginning.
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Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 3