Bible Study

Unashamed Suffering

Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 17

II Timothy 1:8-12

Discussion Questions:

  • What could lead to a young coach being ashamed of his mentor?  (vv.8-10) His foolish behavior or speech that dishonors God.
  • What would make us ashamed to speak of our love for Christ Jesus?  (v.8) Fear of ridicule or misunderstanding.  Fear that I couldn’t defend my opinions.
  • When have you been appointed to a coaching position that led directly to suffering?  (vv.11-12) Tell us a story about a position that came with suffering.  How did you handle it?  Give them some hope that it might be worth it.
  • What under-girded Paul’s confidence even while enduring such suffering?  (v.12) His knowledge of God and his confidence in Christ’s ability to carry out His plan.  What fuels your confidence while suffering continues?  Trust in God’s call, fellowship with other believers, encouragement from those also in the fight…

Weekly Summary:

  • Don’t be ashamed of your mentor or of your Lord.
  • Be ready for the suffering that may come along with coaching.
  • Remain confident, even while suffering, that God’s plan will be accomplished.


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Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 1