Bible Study

Focus your Leadership

Wisdom for a Young Head Coach
Week 19

II Timothy 2:1-13

Discussion Questions:

  • How can we be as focussed on our coaching staff and their development as Paul was with Timothy’s development as a leader?  (vv.1-2) Regular meetings with them, prayer with and for them, having an understanding of their goals and dreams…
  • How can we exhibit focus for leadership while enduring hardship like the soldier of verses 3 and 4?  By pressing through the pain and inconvenience of our work…
  • What is the focus of the athlete in verse 5?  To win the prize.  How would that kind of focus shape our coaching?  We’d be more likely to achieve our goals if we would keep them in clear view.
  • How much time do you spend in reflection, analysis and evaluation of your leadership with your staff?  (v.7) An hour a month?  A day a year?  An hour a day?  How much?
  • What have you endured for the sake of your coaches and athletes?  Misunderstanding, controversy, ridicule…

Weekly Summary:

  • Focus on developing your staff and equipping them to do the same.
  • Take some time to regularly analyze and evaluate your leadership of the staff.
  • Pay the price necessary to bring along the next generations of godly leaders and coaches.


  • Read the bible verse aloud at the beginning.
  • The questions for discussion will appear in normal text like this.
  • Suggested answers, discussion hints and follow up questions will appear in italics like this.
Bible Reference: 
1 Timothy 2